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Resources for Music Librarians and Music Faculty

Please use the following resources at our site to integrate the A-R Music Anthology into your program.

Main URL:

This is the homepage for the A-R Anthology (ARMA). Instructors may want to bookmark it.

For a free trial, contact James Zychowicz with the IP information you would like to use. You can also contact him regarding a site license to the A-R Online Music Anthology.

Instructor Registration:

Free registration for instructors. Please know that instructors must register to be able to build courses, even when an institution has a site license.


Use the search to find information by a single parameter (like a genre, such as motet) or multiple parameters (like a genre and a style period, such as renaissance motet).

Content List:

Use the search utility to explore ARMA, or consult the content list.

Pre-Set Courses:

Registered instructors will find the pre-set course packs in their courses when they log into the site.

Online Textbook:
The Anthology includes a extensive, multi-author, peer-reviewed textbook consisting of more than 50 articles (1100+ pages) in the following sections:

Survey Articles
Genres and Forms
Music Theory
Major Composers
Significant Works

Each article includes internal links, plus a focused bibliography of print and online materials with links to WorldCat and other site to facilitate finding them.

Commentaries are planned for all the music files, with more than 130 commentaries covering the most popular pieces already online.

White Papers:

Our white papers explore the benefits of online publishing:

Managing the transition from print to digital
Strategies for collaborating on revising articles for the Internet


Institutional licensees and potential licensees are welcome to request our VPAT document.


The A-R Music Anthology is registered with SERU:
NISO SERU Registry

More Information:

Feel free to download and share the following PDFs:

ARMA Brochure (download)


James L. Zychowicz