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How can I have access to the A-R Online Music Anthology?

  • If you are a student, you can subscribe to the Online Music Anthology. A six-month subscription costs only $70.00 per individual student subscriber gives access to more than 600 pieces, that is, approximately 7,000 pages of newly engraved music, plus the articles in our music history/theory textbook.
  • If you teach, you can request a complimentary instructor registration to facilitate your adopting the Online Music Anthology now or in the near future.
  • LIbraries can establish a site license for an annual fee, with full access for students, faculty, staff, and patrons.


What do I get with my subscription?
  • Current subscribers have the following benefits:
  • Access to their specific courses
  • View the entire Online Music Anthology
  • Print the entire Online Music Anthology
  • Plus, access to the only fully online music publication of its kind

Can I continue my subscription after the course is finished?

  • Yes! Individual subscriptions are always welcome!
  • You will receive a notice just before your current subscription ends, and you may renew at that time.
  • If you are not ready to renew, bookmark the site. Please add the Online Music Anthology to your favorites and return to us whenever you like.

My Course

How do I find my course?
  • The e-vite from your instructor should take you to your course.
  • If you do not have the e-vite, click on My Course after you log into the site, and use the drop-down menus to find it by:
    • State
    • Institution
    • Instructor
    • Course
  • If you do not find your course, you may still use the entire contents of the Online Music Anthology. Use the search engine to find the music you need.

Is there a printed book?

A-R’s Online Music Anthology is unique in being available exclusively online
  • It is easy to access the book online, and unlike printed books, does not need to be carried with you: where you have online access, you have the Online Music Anthology.

Printing the Online Music Anthology

What can I print?
  • Current subscribers may print:
    • The entire contents of their course list
    • The entire contents of the entire anthology
  • The entire Online Music Anthology contains more than 600 pieces, that is, approximately 6,000 pages of music.
  • What if I need another copy of some music?
    • Current subscribers can print as many copies as they need for their personal use. The subscription is intended for individual use.


Can I save the files?
  • Current paid subscribers to the Online Music Anthology have unlimited access to view and print its contents, but the files may not be saved.
  • Developed exclusively for online use, the Online Music Anthology is always easy to access through the Internet.

Are site licenses available? What are the benefits?

  • We now offer site licenses to A-R’s Online Music Anthology to institutional subscribers at a cost of $2500 per year.
  • Site licenses are authenticated by IP address and easy to set up. When you set up a site license or request a trial, we will ask for your IP information./li>
  • Site licenses give libraries immediate access to new features as they are implemented without additional charges for those features. The recent addition of the music history textbook was included in the site licenses, and other features will be available this way.
  • If you would like to establish a site license or have questions about it, please contact us for more information.

What are the differences between site licenses and course adoptions?

  • Site licenses make the Anthology available to your entire community: Students, faculty, staff, and patrons benefit from unlimited access to the entire Online Music Anthology all the time.
  • Course adoptions give just the students enrolled in the course access for six months. Students have direct access their courses, and also have access to the rest of the Anthology for assignments and their own exploration of the contents.

If my library has a site license, do students still have to pay for courses?

  • For schools that have site licenses, the students do not have to pay for courses that instructors at that institution set up.
  • When instructors set up their courses, please let us know. We will then set up a login and password that will give your students access. It's another benefit of holding a site license.

Isn't the A-R Music Anthology just Recent Researches?

The A-R Online Music Anthology is not the same as Recent Researches. While about 15 examples from Recent Researches are in the Anthology, the majority of the Anthology's content is different. It's all newly edited and typeset.

I just see the instructor's view. Is this what I get with a site license?

The instructor's view differs from the landing page we offer for site licenses. Please request a trial to view the site-license landing page and evaluate the features of a site license.

Other Questions

  • If you have other questions about the A-R Music Anthology, please contact us.
  • Thank you for using the A-R Music Anthology! The A-R Online Music Anthology is always your next new music anthology!