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A-R Online Music Anthology A-R Online Music Anthology

A-R Online Music Anthology: Textbook

Overview of the Planned Contents (by section)

The foundational articles for the A-R Online Music Anthology fall into five sections:
Surveys/Overview; Genres & Forms; Music Theory; Major Composers; and Significant Works.
Other articles are planned for release in the future.

Click here for a view of the contents by style period (Middle Ages, Renaissance, Baroque, Classic, Romantic, Twentieth Century).

Section Title Author Style Period
Surveys/Overview Medieval Music James Maiello Medieval
Surveys/Overview An Introduction to Renaissance Music Stephanie P. Schlagel Renaissance
Surveys/Overview Introduction to the Baroque Era Jonathan Rhodes Lee Baroque
Surveys/Overview Music in the Classical Era Robert Pearson Classical
Surveys/Overview A Topical Survey of Nineteenth-Century Music Joseph E. Jones Romantic
Surveys/Overview Music in the Twentieth Century Nathan Shields Twentieth Century
Surveys/Overview Women in Western Art Music Kendra Preston Leonard Multiple Styles/Eras
Genres & Forms Genres & Forms in the Middle Ages Fiona McAlpine Medieval
Genres & Forms Genres & Forms in the Renaissance
Allen Scott
Genres & Forms Genres & Forms in the Baroque Era Kimberly Hieb Baroque
Genres & Forms Genres & Forms in the Classical Era Matthew Pilcher Classical
Genres & Forms Genres & Forms in the Nineteenth Century Christopher Ruth Romantic
Genres & Forms Genres & Forms in the Twentieth Century Matthew Heap Twentieth Century
Music Theory Music Theory in the Middle Ages Fiona McAlpine Medieval
Music Theory Music Theory in the Renaissance Seth Coluzzi Renaissance
MMusic Theory Analytical Approaches to Baroque Music Christopher Brody Baroque
Music Theory Key Concepts for Theory and Analysis of Music from the Classical Period Markus Neuwirth Classical
Music Theory Harmony and Key Relationships in Romantic Music Richard Bass Romantic
Music Theory Music Theory: Twentieth-Century Music Joshua Mailman Twentieth Century
Major Composers Comtesssa de Dia Karen Cook Medieval
Major Composers Guillaume Machaut Alice Clark Medieval
Major Composers Philippe de Vitry [TBD] Medieval
Major Composers Hildegard von Bingen Marianne Pfau Medieval
Major Composers Landini
Lucia Marchi
Major Composers Dunstaple Karen Cook Renaissance
Major Composers Du Fay [TBD] Renaissance
Major Composers Josquin Stephanie P. Schlagel Renaissance
Major Composers Lasso TBD Renaissance
Major Composers Palestrina Noel O'Regan Renaissance
Major Composers Byrd K. Dawn Grapes Renaissance
Major Composers Marenzio Emiliano Ricciardi Renaissance
Major Composers Claudio Monteverdi Emily Hagen Baroque
Major Composers Giulio Caccini Kimberly Hieb Baroque
Major Composers Lully [TBD] Baroque
Major Composers Purcell Alon Schab Baroque
Major Composers Rameau [TBD] Baroque
Major Composers George Frideric Handel David Hurley Baroque
Major Composers Johann Sebastian Bach Matthew Hall Baroque
Major Composers Strozzi [TBD] Baroque
Major Composers Haydn Bryan Proksch Classical
Major Composers Mozart Julian Rushton Classical
Major Composers Gluck Salvatore Calomino Classical
Major Composers Beethoven Nancy November Classical
Major Composers Schubert [TBD] Romantic
Major Composers Schumann [TBD] Romantic
Major Composers Mendelssohn Linda Shaver-Gleason Romantic
Major Composers Berlioz Julian Rushton Romantic
Major Composers Verdi Matthew Franke Romantic
Major Composers Wagner Anthony Barone Romantic
Major Composers Sousa Bryan Proksch Romantic
Major Composers Brahms Jacquelyn Sholes Romantic
Major Composers Debussy Keith Clifton Twentieth Century
Major Composers Schoenberg Steven Cahn Twentieth Century
Major Composers Bartok Peter Laki Twentieth Century
Major Composers Stravinsky David Carson Berry Twentieth Century
Major Composers Shostakovich [TBD] Twentieth Century
Significant Works Anonymous: Cantigas de Santa Maria Karen Cook Medieval
Significant Works Perotin (Perotinus): Viderunt Omnes [TBD] Medieval
Significant Works Machaut: Notre Dame Mass [TBD] Medieval
Significant Works Genre and Hildegard of Bingen's Ordo Virtutum Jennifer Bain Medieval
Significant Works Du Fay: Se la face ay pale [TBD] Renaissance
Significant Works Josquin des Prez: Ave Maria...virgo serena Jennifer Thomas Renaissance
Significant Works Marenzio: Solo e pensoso Dan Donnelly Renaissance
Significant Works Palestrina: Pope Marcellus Mass Samantha Bassler Renaissance
Significant Works Monteverdi: Orfeo Dan Donnelly Baroque
Significant Works Strozzi: [Work tBD] Dan Donnelly Baroque
Significant Works Musical Migration: The European Impact of Corelli’s Op. 6 Alison DeSimone Baroque
Significant Works Bach, Johann Sebastian: St. Matthew Passion [TBD] Baroque
Significant Works Handel: Giulio Cesare Salvatore Calomino Baroque
Significant Works C. P. E. Bach's Fantasia in C Minor Kimary Fick Classical
Significant Works Haydn: String Quartet in E-flat Major, Op. 33 no. 2 "The Joke" Bryan Proksch Classical
Significant Works Mozart's Don Giovanni Jeremy Leong Classical
Significant Works Beethoven's Symphony no. 3 "Eroica" Matteo Magarotto Romantic
Significant Works Schubert's Winterreise Matthew Pilcher Romantic
Significant Works Liszt: Transcendental Etude, No. 1 (in C Major) [TBD] Romantic
Significant Works Verdi's La traviata Cindy L. Kim Romantic
Significant Works Wagner: Tristan und Isolde Kira Thurman Romantic
Significant Works Stravinsky: Octet [TBD] Twentieth Century
Significant Works Schoenberg's Piano Suite, Op. 25 Morgan Rich Twentieth Century
Significant Works Vaughan Williams's Fantasia on a Theme by Thomas Tallis Allan Atlas Twentieth Century
Significant Works Reich: Come Out [TBD] Twentieth Century
Significant Works Ellington's It Don't Mean a Thing Kim Teal Twentieth Century