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Black Music Resources in ARMA

ARMA currently includes resources on Black music for use in music history and music theory courses, and instructors will find that the article on Black Music Traditions by Melanie Zeck contains substantial information on the topic. When you open the article, be certain to note the following features:

  • Subheads outline the content of the article
  • Interactive bibliography (with links to WorldCat and other online sources)
  • Timeline for Black music research (appendix to the article)

In addition to Zeck's survey, ARMA contains selected works by Black composers:

Additional resources on Black music include commentaries, like the one by Elizabeth Ann Lindau about Blue in Green. As you use ARMA, you will also find various discussions related to Black music topics, like the commentary by Danielle Bastone Barrettara on Monostatos's aria in Mozart's Magic Flute. Other materials are in preparation as ARMA accommodates content for exploring music history and theory.

Please use the general page for links to other Resource Pages. Additional materials are in preparation and will be available when they are ready.

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