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Music by Women in ARMA

ARMA currently includes many works by women to use in music history and music theory courses, and we offer the following list for easy access:

In addition to the survey on Women in Western Art Music by Kendra Preston Leonard, you can find a number of articles and commentaries by women about these works and other topics. Use ARMA's search bar to find contributions by Jennifer Bain, Danielle Bastone Barrettara, Sophie Benn, Alice V. Clark, Karen Cook, Alison DeSimone, Kimary Fick, Linda Shaver Gleason, Dawn Grapes, Emily Hagen, Kimberly Hieb, Cindy L. Kim, Emily Laurence, Kendra Preston Leonard, Elizabeth Ann Lindau, Lucia Marchi, Fiona McAlpine, Nancy November, Morgan Rich, Stephanie P. Schlagel, Jacquelyn Sholes, Kim Teal, Jennifer Thomas, Melanie Zeck, and others.

Please use the general page for links to other Resource Pages. Additional materials are in preparation and will be available when they are ready.

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More contributors are welcome! Contact James Zychowicz, if you would like to send a proposal.